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Located in Historic Barrio Logan, California. El Carrito is an authentic homestyle Mexican eatery.


"El Carrito is located a block away from Chicano Park and is on Logan Avenue. Like Chicano Park the restaurant is located off of interstate 5 and is subject to the same conditions, like noise and air pollution.

El Carrito is situated in front of a Victorian home and the lot was bought by a former owner after World War II who restored it into a restaurant. El Carrito gets its name from its structure. The restaurant is an old cable car from the 1930s. The pictures below show pictures of the car back in its time of operation. There is also a photo of a San Diego Electric Railway car from 1898 that ran into Logan and National Avenue. This region has a lot of history and El Carrito definitely contributes to this history.

The story of El Carrito was highlighted and brought to life by community artist, Salvador “Queso” Torres. He spoke about the importance that El Carrito had in Barrio Logan and the many purposes it served. Al Johnston bought and restored El Carrito when he found it at a construction lot. He was inspired by hollywood and the different types of unique restaurants that have been converted from one object of functionality to a restaurant.

El Carrito was not just a restaurant, but it served many purposes for the community. Queso describes it as being used as a shoe shine stand. The back of the car was used as the shoe shine stand and Queso was able to make some money in order to be seen at the Neighborhood House Clinic. As you can see every aspect of the community was related. At one point El Carrito was also a space for local politicians. A place for community concerns to be heard and expressed." -Chicano Park Museum



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2154 Logan Ave
San Diego, CA 92113



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